Security – 30 – Fido Alliance With Yubico

First off, why I said this was episode 42 is beyond me. Today we are joined by John Salter of Yubico and Board Member of the FIDO Alliance to tell us what is going on with passwords, two factor authentication, and the future of authentication. Turns out passwords will be replaced with PIN codes, and 2FA will be replaced by U2F (universal two factor).

John does a live demo (that you should watch on youtube) that shows us how this works.

Finally we talk about the need for the FIDO Alliance, and why this is a huge step forward for the web.

Show Notes:
Fido Alliance

Security 11 – Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is the next tool in our arsenal of being secure. After you have changed your passwords, now take the next step to secure it. While each service requires a different set up, the big names all use Google Authenticator. We think once you get this procedure in your workflow, you will be happy knowing you are really safe online.

Word of Warning: Please give yourself enough time to set this up. The first time is scary. Once you set it up, losing your second factor or your password will make your life extremely difficult. Remember you are trying to prevent impostors from accessing your information.

Show Notes:
Google Authenticator | Play | iTunes | Windows Phone
ubico | Yubikey
astPass | Set Up 2FA
Google Accounts | Set Up
ist of Sites with 2FA | Evan Hahn