inThirty 180 – Verizon Buys AOL

What does Verizon want from AOL? We spend too much time hypothesizing, and less time explaining what it actually means.

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JUMP to NEXT on EDGE – inThirty 102


On today’s episode we talk about the different upgrades plans that were introduced over the last few days. Will you JUMP on Tmobile, or will you NEXT on AT&T or will you lean on the EDGE with Verizon

Show Notes (Articles comparing the different plans)

Droid-Life (The best)

Android Police



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inThirty 85 – The Subsidy Free Episode


Now that the iPhone will soon be on all major (and most) minor carriers, we discuss T-Mobile’s potential resurgence as a major force in the mobile carrier industry. Does its new “un-carrier” plan help or hurt the struggling telecom?

Listen to the the latest episode of inThirty to find out, because according to iTunes, we’re “What’s Hot”.

Show Notes
Current AT&T iPhone 5 will work on T-Mobile LTE, HSPA+ 21 networks” | Macworld
T-Mobile finally gets its own 4G LTE network” | TechHive
T-Mobile’s new iPhone 5 is an unlocked, tweaked AT&T phone” | Ars Technica
iPhone arrives at T-Mobile on April 12” | Macworld

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Attack of the Tablets

We wish everyone recovering from Hurricane Sandy well, and episode 65 of inThirty goes out to the team at PSE&G for getting power back to Chaim, Harry, and Justin in time to talk about tablets. Google didn’t fair as well and their scheduled Android event was moved from IRL to online. Chaim managed to collect all of the sweet details about the dot 2 update to Jelly Bean and the hardware that’ll accompany it before he was knocked off the grid but Harry is not impressed. We pit the new Android tablets and the Kindle Fire against the recently announced iPad Mini and discuss price point, features, design, and determine along the way that this holiday season Amazon, Google, and Apple will duke it out in in the less than ten inch category. Chaim and Justin were introduced to a new contender in the ring, the Microsoft Surface, at Microtropolis (go on, Google it), while Harry went undercover at a Microsoft Store to try it. Harry likes its kickstand, Chaim says it’s revolutionary, Justin says it’s mutant disaster of a device. Take some aspirin (that’s a really subtle tablet pun), put on your headphones, and listen up.
Episode 65 Hangout:
Show Notes
Nexus 4, Nexus 7 32GB HSPA+, and Nexus 10 All Land On Google Play” | Droid Life
Google Boasts 700K Apps In Google Play, Nearly Matching Apple’s iTunes Offering” | Droid Life
Slow lane: why Google’s new Nexus 4 doesn’t have LTE” | The Verge
iPhone 4S review” | The Verge
Microsoft Surface: It just works… or not” | The Loop
Webcast: Windows 8 and Microsoft Surface Launch Events | Microsoft
The Microtropolis | Microsoft
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Counting on iOS 6

Get your abacus app ready because on episode 59 of inThirty we take you through iOS 6’s launch by the numbers. First we hash out how many people will be running this hexa-release of iOS on the flagship iPhone 5, and it turns out, it’ll be quite a few. Something like 2 million people sacrificed their credit card numbers to the gods of industrial design and expect to have a brand spanking new i5 at their door on September 21. We try to calculate the amount of revenue the preorders will generate for Apple but our screens can’t fit all of the digits. Next, we take you through the BOM, the bill of materials, for the new iPhone 5. We figure out how much an extra 16GB of memory, or if you’re in the 1% and opt for a 64GB iPhone, an extra 48GB of memory really costs Apple, and how much profit they squeeze out of people just so they can store all of their Angry Birds high scores on their phones. Finally, Chaim goes all Suzy Orman on us and looks at the total cost of ownership of a carrier contract subsidized iPhone purchase and compares that to buying an iPhone at, gasp, full retail cost and bringing your own plan. For the students out there we should mention: listening to this episode counts as 3 credits of undergraduate study in macroeconomics.

Episode 59 Hangout:

Show Notes
Analyst Estimates On iPhone 5 Launch Weekend Sales Range From 3M–10M” | TechCrunch
Apple takes orders for 2 million iPhone 5s; shares hit $700” | Bloomberg Businessweek
Boring” | Curious Rat
AT&T, Sprint chiefs expect strong iPhone 5 sales” | Marketwatch
iPhone 5 Carries $199 BOM, Virtual Teardown Reveals” | iSuppli