Third Annual Gift Guide – inThirty 122

Welcome to our third annual holiday gift guide. Listen to the guys tell you what are the best gifts you should be buying.

Show Notes:

Cheap Gift: Less than $30
Mr Reader – Paul –
Yubikey – Chaim –
Multi Tool – Justin –
Tile App –

Moderate Gift: Less than $250
Kwickset Lock- Chaim –
Roku 3 WD media streamer – Paul –
philips hue lighting set – Justin –

Expensive Gift: Less than $2,000
Sony A7 Camera -Chaim
MakerBot 3D printer – Paul
MacBook Air – Justin

Fantasy Gifts:
Tesla Model S – Chaim
Private Island – Paul
MacPro – Justin



Our 100th Episode – inThirty 100

For our 100th episode we decided to do something a little different. Instead of talking about tech, we let our most famous guests tell us what they dislike about the show. We told them to not hold back.  They let us know what they really disliked on the podcast.

We finish off the show with very special announcements.

Philip Simpson of Shifty Jelly (Episode: 51)
Michael Degusta of (Episodes: 12, 13, 44)
Kelly Guimont  @verso (Episodes: 9, 10, 23, 63, 87)
Paul Shapiro @fighto &