inThirty 167 – Click Here if Human

We talk about two topics today. The first (most boring) is the G+ fight between Chris Messina and Mike Elgan about G+. Turns out, nobody cares. G+ is great, but no one will use it (except Chaim). Then we talk about the implication of removing the captcha and having some sort of internal test that Google has.

Show Notes:
Mike Elgan – G+ –
Chris Messina – Medium –

Google reCaptcha – 2-

inThirty 161 – #Bendgate, Ello, and Windows 10

We have three hot topic items for you this week. First off we talk about Ello for longer than anyone thought. Who knew this social network will still get publicity for a week after launch. We move on to #bendgate where we agree it is overblown. We finish up with Windows 10

inThirty 155 – Twitter and Social Advocacy

There hasn’t been a lot of tech news in the last few weeks, but that doesn’t mean there is real news. To take the tech angle, we go back to twitter and see how it has become the spot for instant news. We tackle the new twitter feed changes, then talk about the turmoil around the world, and how has twitter changed the landscape of news.

Show Notes:
The SEM Post
Twitter Blog
More Than Liking and Bookmarking

inThrity 86 – Facebook Home

source: The Verge
source: The Verge

Facebook’s big announcement brings your identity to your Android phone with Facebook home. Your fearless cohosts invite Kelly Guimont to help dust off our Facebook accounts and see if this is enough to respark our love affair with the socialiest of social networks.

Show Notes

Kelly Guimont on Twitter | Kelly Guimont on

HTC First with Facebook Home hands-on (video)” | The Verge

People, not apps: Facebook’s Home event in under 5 minutes” | YouTube