inThirty 141 – iMessage

Everyone was busy, so Chaim had to find a substitute. I called on my Security:inThirty cohost, Tom, to come on and help me do the show. Today we discuss the iMessage problems that are plaguing iphone to Android converts. Show Notes: Adam Pash | iMessage Purgatory

Security 21 – You’ve Gotten a Telegram

We talk about a follow up topic from last week, regarding WhatsApp, and the user migration away from the newly purchased company. As it turns out everyone is afraid that Facebook may choose to spy on the data or messages being sent. Everyone moved to a new service Telegram, but of course we want to […]

inThirty 129 – Whats App Again

Nothing special here, just talking once again about WhatsApp, a scrappy little startup that just sold for 19 Billion, with a B, to Facebook.  What does that mean for the rest of us.  Will we have to figure out another way to communicate, or will it coexist with Facebook. Show Notes: Four Numbers That Explained […]

inThirty 82 – Et tu, iOS?

 Justin has a problem.  He is “Android curious”. He is intrigued by all the interesting features Android has to offer, but loves the stability and quality of his iPhone. Sure, he jailbreaks, but still longs for more customization. It doesn’t help that he is entrenched in the Google ecosystem. Can Harry convince him to stay, […]

When Will SMS Die?

On today’s inThirty we hash out the history and the future of instant messaging.