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JUMP to NEXT on EDGE – inThirty 102


On today’s episode we talk about the different upgrades plans that were introduced over the last few days. Will you JUMP on Tmobile, or will you NEXT on AT&T or will you lean on the EDGE with Verizon

Show Notes (Articles comparing the different plans)

Droid-Life (The best)

Android Police



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inThirty 85 – The Subsidy Free Episode


Now that the iPhone will soon be on all major (and most) minor carriers, we discuss T-Mobile’s potential resurgence as a major force in the mobile carrier industry. Does its new “un-carrier” plan help or hurt the struggling telecom?

Listen to the the latest episode of inThirty to find out, because according to iTunes, we’re “What’s Hot”.

Show Notes
Current AT&T iPhone 5 will work on T-Mobile LTE, HSPA+ 21 networks” | Macworld
T-Mobile finally gets its own 4G LTE network” | TechHive
T-Mobile’s new iPhone 5 is an unlocked, tweaked AT&T phone” | Ars Technica
iPhone arrives at T-Mobile on April 12” | Macworld

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What’s Your Carrier IQ?

Either don your tinfoil hat and ditch your smartphone or get comfortable sharing your personal thoughts with the engineer who’s in charge of the datacenter your texts and emails pass through. Guess which member of inThirty chooses which?
We discuss the impact of Carrier IQ and whether asking users to opt in to data collection is essential. We move on to discussing privacy more broadly before deciding to move out to a shack in the woods.
Don’t look over your shoulder, I think someone’s watching you.

Show notes:
Carrier IQ interview: inside the brave new world of carrier phone tracking | The Verge

Apple: Carrier IQ still on iPhone 4, but we don’t read your e-mail and texts | Ars Technica

Facebook FTC Privacy Case Has Been Settled | Huffington Post

GCreep: Google Engineer Stalked Teens, Spied on Chats (Updated) | Gawker