Coming to the Surface

We’ve all played a little Xbox, but how many of you ever got your hands on a Zune, or a Kin? Microsoft’s getting back into the hardware game with the Surface tablet and on episode 63 of inThirty we get into, about, and under the soon to be released device. We talk pricing, features, make predictions on future market share, and add to the overall confusion about the two different versions of Windows, RT and 8, that’ll run on this new entrant to the tablet market.

Episode 63 Hangout:

Show Notes
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On episode 38 of inThirty we cover all the ways to get your files into the cloud without  putting your USB drive into a catapult. Google finally released its cloud storage service, Drive, and we take it for a spin and compare it to it’s older, wiser competitors.
Find out how Chaim, Harry, and Justin get their bits into the sky and listen to us conjecture about the future of file sharing.

Show Notes
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