Security 06 – Fireside Chat With Lastpass

With all the praise we’ve been giving LastPass, it was only fair that we had them on the show.  We are joined by Amber Gott to discuss LastPass and the new redesign.  We spoke about the redesign, the unknown but important features, and how your first step should be LastPass

[Note: We will not publish the video feed.  We had a terrible time with hangouts and the audio.  There are some hard volume changes.  Sorry].

G+, Hangouts, and Amazing Photos – inThirty 116

[EDIT: This is Episode 116]
We are joined by +LukeOlson to discuss yesterday’s Google+ announcement. +ChaimCohen is excited that photography is taking a front seat, and produces amazing results. We have questions regarding hangouts, but overall a very positive announcement.

Chaim messed up with the time, and we ran a minute or two over.