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inThirty 153 – #SEO

Google just decided to remove the authored links and photos next to search results. That is the extend of my understanding. What I do know is that we have our resident SEO expert, Paul, and he is going to explain to us some of the dark magic of SEO.

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Encrypted SEO – inThirty 111

In what started in an emo like, ambiguous comment, our very own +Paul Shapiro lamented the change of Google’s new practice of encrypting search keywords. Our friend, and recurring guest +Tom Webster joined in the comment stream, and set off a flurry of activity on the security aspect of the change.

We decided to get to the bottom of this by letting both Paul and Tom discuss this amicably.

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The Moz Blog

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Fark the News

Drew Curtis: I’ll take a shot of Bulleit, please.

Warning: this episode caused inThirty to shred its CLEAN tag on iTunes.

The uncontested, despotic, chief commander of the snarkiest site on the internet,, joins us for episode 61 of inThirty. Drew Curtis sits in his maroon-leather-perfect-for-a-super-villain office chair and, after sipping (guzzling) bourbon off camera fields a bunch of tough questions about the inner workings of Fark from Chaim, Harry, and Justin. Find out how the backend of the 1,177th most visited site in the US (785th in Pakistan) manages to keep churning out the funnies, learn whether SEO is important to maintaining Drew’s empire, listen to Drew bust the Daily Show’s chops when it comes to journalistic responsibility, and find out why Duke sucks so very much. Plus, Drew explains why FLORIDA has its own tag on Fark. Drew also saves us a trip to Wikipedia and tells us how Fark got its name and explains that there is truly no such thing as the wisdom of crowds.
After listening to (or watching, Drew was good enough to Hangout with us) this episode and reading the corresponding commentary on, we think you’ll understand how the site’s audience of “Caucasian…disproportionately moderately educated, childless men under the age of 35 who have incomes over $30,000” roll.

Episode 61 Hangout:

Drew Curtis of

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Drew’s doin a live google hangout about stuff, check it yo |
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Bulleit Bourbon | Drew’s Favorite Beverage