Security 52 – The One Year Show

We’ve now done this for a year. We didn’t have any real celebration, but just think, one year ago we started this thing. Thank you to everyone who subscribed. This week we are talking about a competition that Chaim’s students are working on. is a security challenge competition, which if you’ve never done, you should check out. Chaim describes it as extreme Googling.

Security 51 – Flashlights Stealing Your Information

Tom read a report that said that your flashlight app was leaking information to 3rd parties. Once again, we have to spend time to debunk the FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt), and explain that laziness is probably the reason. Also, what you should actually watch for when installing iOS or Android apps.

Show Notes:
We have a link, but we don’t want to share it to spread the FUD.