Security 52 – The One Year Show

We’ve now done this for a year. We didn’t have any real celebration, but just think, one year ago we started this thing. Thank you to everyone who subscribed. This week we are talking about a competition that Chaim’s students are working on. is a security challenge competition, which if you’ve never done, you should check out. Chaim describes it as extreme Googling.

Security 21 – You’ve Gotten a Telegram

We talk about a follow up topic from last week, regarding WhatsApp, and the user migration away from the newly purchased company. As it turns out everyone is afraid that Facebook may choose to spy on the data or messages being sent. Everyone moved to a new service Telegram, but of course we want to talk about the security. We spend the episode talking about Telegram’s security practices, and if it is really as secure as they say.

Show Notes:
Unhandled Expression
Moxie Marlinspike
Security Now 444