The One Before One Hundred – inThirty 99

On today’s bittersweet episode, we discuss how the inThirty sausage is made, including what hardware we use to record and how each episode is stitched together.  We also share our favorite podcasts spanning a range of topics, including tech, writing, and anything made by NPR.

Finally, Harry has a very special announcement for listeners.

Show Notes


Inside Creative Writing with Brad Reed” | iTunes

The Writer’s Almanac” | iTunes

The Menu Bar” | iTunes

Security Now!” | iTunes

This Week in Google” | iTunes


inThirty 83 – No, no Google I/O


Did Chaim get into I/O? Did Justin become the new Pope? Did Harry say something nice about non apple anything? Tune in on this week where we talk Google, Google, Google. First we discuss whether Chaim got into I/O. We discuss the problems with Google Wallet, and all the other issues with it. Then we delve into the other announcements of the day. What will happen with Android and Chrome now that Andy Rubin has stepped down. FInally we discuss all the spring cleaning problems Google let out today.

Show Notes

A second spring of cleaning | Google Blog
Update from the CEO” | Google Blog
Powering Down Google Reader” | Google Reader Blog
Google I/O 2013 Registration Sells Out In 49 Minutes As Users Report Problems Early On Making Payments” | TechCrunch
Google’s Android chief Andy Rubin steps down” | Reuters
Chaim at Google I/O” | inThirty Episode 47
Starbucks Typewriter Guy Is Here to Answer All Your Burning Questions” | Gizmodo (sorry)
Google to shut down Google Reader, Snapseed for Mac among others” | TUAW
Picasa Web Albums Are Almost Dead, Now Redirecting Photo Owners To Google+, Too” | TechCrunch