inThirty 158 – DERPing Around

We talk to Tim Hwang of the DERP institute to find out if they are for real or are they a joke.  Turns out they are for real, and they want to help gather data across the biggest community generated news sites around.

Hangout with inThirty: Tech Journalism

Episode 40 of inThirty sure was a live one! We used Google’s new Hangouts on Air feature to broadcast live and record our pre-show ramblings. Yes, you can see video of Chaim, Harry, and Justin in our natural environments doing what we do best: yapping. After considering our burgeoning careers as reality YouTube stars we manage […]

No Comment?

Let’s go trolling. For the 32nd episode of inThirty we decide to wade into the reeking cesspool that resides under a lot of YouTube videos and most tech blog posts: the comment section. After comparing the (almost) anything goes comment policy at to the (absolutely) nothing goes one at, we discuss whether internet comments are useful […]