Hangout with inThirty: Tech Journalism

Episode 40 of inThirty sure was a live one! We used Google’s new Hangouts on Air feature to broadcast live and record our pre-show ramblings. Yes, you can see video of Chaim, Harry, and Justin in our natural environments doing what we do best: yapping.
After considering our burgeoning careers as reality YouTube stars we manage to reign ourselves in and talk about the state of tech journalism. Harry’s has recently been Reddited and Fireballed, you see, forcing him to eloquently explain the difference between a pundit and a journalist.

Here’s a naked link to the YouTube video of Episode 40’s broadcast; we’re all clothed:

Psst! The inThirty Collector’s Edition Hangouts Test Episode is here:

Show Notes

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No Comment?

Let’s go trolling. For the 32nd episode of inThirty we decide to wade into the reeking cesspool that resides under a lot of YouTube videos and most tech blog posts: the comment section. After comparing the (almost) anything goes comment policy at to the (absolutely) nothing goes one at, we discuss whether internet comments are useful at all and our favorite places to get into flame wars. By the time we get into which discussion forum technology is best, we start mangling the pronunciation of a lot newfangled web-two-point-oh sites. Sound off on which hosts’ elocution was best, where else, in the comments.

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