Security 40 – Work Wants Their Computer Back

We got a question from a listener, who asked what to do before turning in a work computer that was allowed for personal use. Tom takes us through what is needed to wipe the computer without formatting the drive.

inThirty 151 – Right To Forget

While this topic has been covered, we have not covered it yet. We take our thirty minutes this week to talk about the EU law requiring search engines to remove search results in the “Right to Be Forgotten.”

Security 26 – Auditing

Did you ever look at your Google Account Dashboard? If you haven’t, you should. It gives you a wealth of knowledge of what you have done in the last month. The scary thing is, all the stuff, is in the hands of Google. We discuss whether this is a good thing or bad thing. We […]

Security 26 – Privacy (In Schools)

In what turned out to be a really dry topic, we did our best to discuss what should be done about privacy. Chaim found an article about school privacy, and we discussed the best way schools or corporations should focus on implementing new technologies. In short, things need to be really vetted. You can’t sign […]