What’s 30 times 52? | inThirty’s 1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

Ok, yes, we’ve done it.

Chaim, Harry, and Justin have managed to produce 51 podcasts over the course of the last 52 weeks. Why only 51? We wanted to make sure that our average weekly episode length was under 30 minutes.  In other words, Chaim wanted to make sure our episode length didn’t give anyone the creeps, and Harry concurred.

To celebrate, we’re giving away 3 copies of the best podcatcher app for iOS, Shifty Jelly’s Pocket Casts.
We’re using an awesome widget called Rafflecopter to manage the giveaway – follow the instructions to increase your chance of winning.
Sorry Android users, but Google Play doesn’t join in the spirit of giving and we don’t want to have to mail anyone a check for $1.99.

[edit by Chaim:  I don’t want to leave people with android out.  You know I am the only android defender, so I will personally make sure you get a copy of the app if you win and want the android version.]

And, for those who were still wondering, it’s 1560.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

A Conversation with Shifty Jelly Co-founder Philip Simpson

On episode 51 of inThirty we talk with Philip Simpson, co-founder and developer at Shifty Jelly, the makers of great apps such as Pocket Casts and Pocket Weather AU.

Philip shares his Amazon App Store horror story and goes on to tell us the differences between selling apps on the iOS App Store verus Google Play and also lets us know which store’s customers are nicer to deal with.

Want to know what it’s like to develop for both Android and iOS? How Xcode compares to Eclipse? Want to listen to an iOS developer with a killer British accent?

Download Pocket Casts, check out the featured podcast (which one could it be?), and press play.

Show Notes

Shifty Jelly | Website
@ShiftyJelly | Twitter
@GeekyGecko | Philip Simpson’s Twitter
Pocket Casts | Google Play
Pocket Casts | iOS App Store
Pocket Weather AU | iOS App Store
Amazon App Store: Rotten to the Core” | Shifty Jelly Blog