inThirty 154 – App Stores

We bring Kelly Guimont in to help us discuss app stores, and their success, but more problems. Should it be this difficult to find apps, or should the respective app stores do something about it?

inThirty 150 – Ingress for iOS

Ingress for iOS just came out, and I wanted to offer a primer for those who may not understand. The game isn’t difficult, but overwhelming at first. I’ve recruited Darren Yung, to help discuss the game. The goal is to get you to understand the game in the thirty minutes we have. We tried to […]

Security – 28 – Security Theater

We talk today about how security is sometimes no more than just smoke and mirrors.  We discuss when does security really help, or when time you are just taking advantage of someone’s time for no added benefit. Show Notes: Android Police | Virus Scan Spam App Security Now | Password Safes Stanford Password Requirements   […]

inThirty 92 – Google I/O 2013 Part 1

In  Part 1 of our Google I/O roundup, we’re joined by Peter Teoh to discuss Google Play Music All Access, Google Play game services, Google+, and…honestly, we’ve forgotten half the things we talked about. It was a long night and an even longer keynote. Show Notes “Google I/O: Everything You Need To Know From A […]