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Security 69- Rapid Fire

Nothing major happened this week, but we do have a bunch of little stories. We give Tom four minutes each story, and let him explain to us what is going on.

Moxie Marlinspike | PGP
Ars Technica | Hillary ran her own webserver
Journalism Tools for Privacy
WSJ | SIM Card Theft
Ars Technica | Hard Drive Firmware Hacking
Whisper Systems | Signal Encryption App
Ars Technica | Google not requiring encryption on lollipop

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Security 32 – Google’s Don’t Be Evil Moment

First Up Updates:
Nothing… Big Fat nothing on truecrypt

We then tackle Google’s business model of making money through advertisements. They created Gmail to harvest data, but it is impressive that they created a chrome extension (End to End) to encrypt messages between people. Tom explains why this is good, how it works, and will Google get brownie points for this.

Show Notes:

Making End To End Encryption Easier to Use | Google Security Blog

End-To-End | Hacker News

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Security 23 – Email and Follow Up

First off, sorry about skipping last week. Both of us were under the weather. You can still hear it in our voices.

We first have followup about an omission that we said on the email show about Mailvelope. Yes, Mailvelope opens a separate window outside of your webmail that will paste the encrypted message back. Then we talk about a story where Microsoft read one if its user’s emails mainly because they could. We finally end with a new website that Tom discovered providing an easy way to

Show Notes:
Guardian | |

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Security 22 – Email Security

We tackle the other security nightmare; email.  If you want to send secure email how do you do it?  We discuss secure option, what is not secure, and the best practices for the average person.

Show Notes

inThirty Podcasts

[Censored] – inThirty 107


With all this NSA news coming out, we thought it would be a good idea to discuss what has happened in the last few weeks.  We focus on services that have shut down, and are now facing legal issues for it.  We discuss what it means to use internet services, and how to truly trust no one.  We are joined by Tom Webster, our resident security expert, to discuss these topics.

Show Notes: | Groklaw shuts down rather than risk feds snooping through e-mail 
The Guardian | Lavabit email service abruptly shut down citing government interference
The Verge | Silent Circle sees ‘writing on the wall,’ shuts down secure email service
GnuPG | Gnu Privacy Guard
Tom Webster | Website