inThirty 167 – Back to the PC

Recently, Chaim has seen a lot of people not talk too much about the iPad. Looking around, there is an idea going around that tablets are dead. We discuss. We think they may be going down in sales, but they are in no way dead. Listen, have fun, enjoy.

Are We in the Post PC Era?

Ask yourself this question: how are you going to listen to this podcast?
It’ll of course be with deep interest and admiration for its hosts, but will you do it on a smartphone, a laptop, with your home theater in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound?
Chaim, Harry, and Justin discuss whether or not the PC has run its course as being the de facto digital communication device and what the new king of the 1s and 0s is.
And yes, this post was typed on a clamshell laptop.