inThirty 127 – Google Sells Motorola

127 weeks after we first started our podcast with the episode that Google buys Motorola, we have now come full circle.  In a very interesting episode, no one has any real feelings either way, but of course we love to discuss the whole deal for thirty minutes.


Editor’s Note [Chaim’s audio is low for whatever reason]

So Sue Us

Patents, piracy, probate, and prudence, jurisprudence on this week’s podcast. Please don’t take the title too seriously – on inThirty episode 56 we examine the red tape that’s been sticking to things all over Silicon Valley lately, and try, as only we three can, to cut through it. Apple sues Samsung, Google sues Apple, the RIAA sues Joe Schmoe and we take a look at the impact overall. We also try to figure out if you really can patent curved corners on rectangles.

Show Notes
Court Upholds Colossal Song-Sharing Penalty” | E-Commerce Times
Apple vs. Samsung: the verdict” | The Verge
Who inherits your iTunes library?” | Wall Street Journal
And Now Google Sues Apple” | Forbes