Security 19 – Kickstarter Says Sorry

The title is a little exaggerated, but hey, I needed a title. We wanted to talk about how worried you should be when your password gets leaked, and of course, Kickstarter was right there. We applauded them for their blog post, how they handled it, and their encryption methods used. We jeered at the fact that law enforcement had alert them. We go through a hashing algorithm, rainbow tables, and bcrypt.

Show Notes:
Kickstarter |

Are You Secure?

Harry got hacked, Chaim’s students got busted, and Justin got frustrated: on today’s inThirty we take you to the dark side of the internet where chatbots looking to get lucky steal your Facebook password and use proxy servers to bully your children.
We discuss the virtues of two-factor authentication for logins, the best way to manage tons of passwords, and discover how many character classes it takes to secure an FTP password.

Show Notes
Facebook Chat Hacked” | Curious Rat
Young, in Love and Sharing Everything, Including a Password” | The New York Times