Google I/O, I Don’t Know

Chaim is going to all the way to Google I/O in California to find out what dessert Google will match up with their tenth, J, release of Android. He’s hoping to come home with a complimentary jar of jellybeans and a lot of Android hardware. We cover the input about Google’s rumored Drive service and the output on its decision to plaster Play all over its UI to promote the new entertainment service.

Show Notes
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Google I/O 2012
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What’s Your Carrier IQ?

Either don your tinfoil hat and ditch your smartphone or get comfortable sharing your personal thoughts with the engineer who’s in charge of the datacenter your texts and emails pass through. Guess which member of inThirty chooses which?
We discuss the impact of Carrier IQ and whether asking users to opt in to data collection is essential. We move on to discussing privacy more broadly before deciding to move out to a shack in the woods.
Don’t look over your shoulder, I think someone’s watching you.

Show notes:
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