inThirty 82 – Et tu, iOS?


 Justin has a problem.  He is “Android curious”. He is intrigued by all the interesting features Android has to offer, but loves the stability and quality of his iPhone. Sure, he jailbreaks, but still longs for more customization. It doesn’t help that he is entrenched in the Google ecosystem. Can Harry convince him to stay, or will Chaim, the once-and-former iPhone user convince him it’s time to make the leap?

Show Notes

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inThirty 79 – Wearable (Tech) Couture




[Editor’s note] Sorry for the delay.  We had everything fail us, including the site.  Hangouts failed, then Skype failed us, then finally the posting failed us.


So what do the guys think about wearing technology?  Do we need smart watches in a society that doesn’t wear watches?  Do we need to be even closer to our notifications to the point that we just get notified, but not respond?  Watch as Chaim and Harry agree that watches are important, but not (gasp!) the Apple Smart Watch.


Show Notes

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