inThirty 130 – What is Netflix Doing

We tackle a hot news item that none of us have any business in discussing.  Is Netflix paying Comcast a net neutrality issue or not.  Chaim, who has read the most says no, but he has trouble explaining it to Justin who thinks it is.  Paul just wants his content, and probably represent the majority of Americans who don’t really care. Show Notes: Streaming Media |

inThirty 87 – A Warehouse Full of Antennas











Aereo, the little cable company that could, won a two lawsuits against the big TV networks – Will Fox News finally be taken off the air?

In this week’s episode we discuss what it means to cut the cord, why it’s so difficult, and what the future of television will bring.

Show Notes

Zero-TV Doesn’t Mean Zero Video” | Nielsen

Nuclear option: would Fox really leave the free airwaves to undercut Aereo?” | The Verge

Explainer: What’s Aereo, why does it matter, and will it kill cable?” | The Verge

Piracy on the High ISPs

Aye mateys! You know where more piracy takes place than off the Horn of Africa? The internet, and do you know who’s to blame? Well, we don’t know either but on this episode we walk the plank and try to figure it out. Do you want to know what special guest Kelly Guimont‘s favorite movie trilogy is (hint: it’s not Twilight)? Does Harry actually live in a glass house on Piracy Lane? How much brie does Justin eat? Listen in and find out. Oh, and feel free to copy this episode as many times as you’d like. Arrrrr.

Show Notes
The Piracy Threshold” – Matt Gemmell
Matt Gemmell On Piracy” – Curious Rat
I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened” – The Oatmeal
My Final Word on Piracy” – Curious Rat

We’ll Show You Consumer Electronics

Lean back, lean back, and find your remote: on this second 2012 episode of inThirty we talk television. With the Consumer Electronics Show in full swing and its 35 footballs fields of floorspace teaming with gadgets, we want to know if any of them can score a touch down in the living room. We discuss whether innovation in the TV hardware front, pixels and bezels and remotes, is what’ll win the living room, or whether content is king and cable providers days are numbered. What does it take to make a 10 foot interface work, will Apple TV revolutionize the market, what’s Chaim’s favorite guilty pleasure (hint, it’s on the Disney channel), listen to find out.

Show Notes
My Take on the Future Apple TV | Curious Rat
TiVo iPad app | iTunes
Haier Transparent LED TV hands on | The Verge
Boxee Live TV hands-on pictures | The Verge
Nuance Beats Apple To Voice-Controlled TV | Cult of Mac
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