inThirty 127 – Google Sells Motorola

127 weeks after we first started our podcast with the episode that Google buys Motorola, we have now come full circle.  In a very interesting episode, no one has any real feelings either way, but of course we love to discuss the whole deal for thirty minutes.


Editor’s Note [Chaim’s audio is low for whatever reason]

Google Presses the Update All Button – inThirty 118

For a second week in a row, Google showers us with updates. We first start off with the Motorola G, a $180 smartphone from Motorola. We go over the specs, and decide if it is worth it. Next we play some inside analytics with Paul, where he explains to us the changes to Google Analytics. While it doesn’t affect us, it affects the webmasters trying to get higher rankings. Finally we trying to figure out if Justin will forego his therapist’s couch for his own couch by using Google helpouts.

Show Notes
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