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inThirty 85 – The Subsidy Free Episode


Now that the iPhone will soon be on all major (and most) minor carriers, we discuss T-Mobile’s potential resurgence as a major force in the mobile carrier industry. Does its new “un-carrier” plan help or hurt the struggling telecom?

Listen to the the latest episode of inThirty to find out, because according to iTunes, we’re “What’s Hot”.

Show Notes
Current AT&T iPhone 5 will work on T-Mobile LTE, HSPA+ 21 networks” | Macworld
T-Mobile finally gets its own 4G LTE network” | TechHive
T-Mobile’s new iPhone 5 is an unlocked, tweaked AT&T phone” | Ars Technica
iPhone arrives at T-Mobile on April 12” | Macworld

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Who Cares About Windows 8?

Who cares about Windows 8? Well, Harry, Chaim, and Justin care enough to talk about it and the state of the desktop OS in general for thirty minutes.
We discuss the most important elements for creating a solid user experience on the desktop and the aspects that lock users into a platform. And try to figure out if Microsoft’s upcoming OS with its Metro UI can create a halo effect to get people interested in Windows Phone.


Show Links:

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