Thinner, Lighter, Faster (Apple iPad/Mac Pro Announcement) – inThirty 115

We are joined today by famed rumor prognosticator Drew Pitchford to discuss what happened today.  Is free software enough to tempt people onto Apple saying that you only have to buy the hardware? After we argue the merits of free software, we dive into the commitment to ship a new mac pro in 2013.  Chaim breaks down that he is happy that old hardware has been given a breath of fresh air.  Finally we discuss iPads.


inThirty 97 – WWDC: The Wrap-Up

We dive deep (well, as deep as three hosts can dive in 30 minutes) to discuss the aftermath of WWDC 2013. iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, the new Mac Pro and MacBook Airs are all on the table for dissection. Join us, won’t you?

Show Notes

iOS 7
Mac Pro
OS X Mavericks
MacBook Air

inThirty 96 – Pre-WWDC 2013

We need to feed our curiosity again ahead of next week’s WWDC.  We spend the episode discussing our hopes, our dreams, and the correct pronunciation of “Jony”.  Forget the rumors, this is rampant speculation with a side of wish-list.

inThirty 76 – Analyzing Apple



What happens when Google hangouts fails?  inThirty continues on, with our trusty backup Skype.  So on today’s show we talk about the Apple roadmap that was rumored a week ago.  We opine on our thoughts, hopes, and dreams.


WWDC 2012: Predictions

Chaim, Harry, and Justin turn to reading tea leaves for episode 44 of inThirty: WWDC 2012 is fast approaching and we lay down our predictions for product announcements at the conference. Fresh on the heels of Tim Cook’s All Things D appearance we try to figure out what’s in the pipeline and whether there’s going to be “one more thing.” We’ll followup with a scorecard episode, but until then, listeners place your bets.

And for those of you who were about to take out your abacus, we’ve temporarily skipped episode 43. It’s going to be cobbled together in Garage Band soon enough but you can get your fill on YouTube if you can’t wait for it to show up in your RSS feed.

Show Notes
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