Things That Go Click Click Click – inThirty 114

Chaim was really excited about the new Sony A7. We ask him to explain why is so excited, and why a new camera really matters. After we focus on taking pictures, and what gear everyone else has. Are the days of cameras over with the great image quality of the 5s? Finally we discuss add-ons […]

iOS 7 Discussion – inThirty 110

It has been less than 24 hours since the launch of iOS 7, and everyone is dying to hear what the three of us have to say about it.  Do we care about the 5s more or the 5c?  We try to make sense out of all of this.

Apple Brightens Our Day – inThirty 109

So did Apple really brighten our day?  Well it brightened Harry’s day to the point, he decided to come on as a guest.  We take the 75 minute keynote, and condense it for you to thirty minutes.  Should you buy a 5c or a 5s?  Do cases matter?  What the heck is 64bit?  All your […]

The C Stands For… – inThirty 108

What happen when you put four apple pundits in a room, and ask them what the C stands for in 5c? On this episode we discuss what we think will happen at the September 10th, fall ipod announcement.  We would like to thank Michael DeGusta (@degusta) of for joining us once again.

Our 100th Episode – inThirty 100

For our 100th episode we decided to do something a little different. Instead of talking about tech, we let our most famous guests tell us what they dislike about the show. We told them to not hold back.  They let us know what they really disliked on the podcast. We finish off the show with […]