iPad 1, 2, 3

It’s finally here, the new…inThirty, oh, and the new iPad was announced, too.
Just in time for our 31st episode, Tim Cook took to the stage and revealed what everyone knew was coming but nobody could wait for: the new iPad. We cover the new naming convention, dissect the new hardware components, weigh in on whether this step up is evolutionary or revolutionary, and determine if it’s feasible for James Cameron to shoot Avatar 2 with the device’s updated camera.
We’re joined by epic MacRumors forum poster, Apple enthusiast, and computer science student at Tim Cook’s alma-mater Auburn University, Drew Pitchford. Listen in to find out about Drew’s special connection to Mr. Cook and how Drew’s predictions for the new device panned out. He also gives us his impressions of iPhoto, its new Beam feature, and the brand new 4G logo on his iPhone. And, don’t call the iPad 2 old, he used it to Skype in for the show.