On episode 38 of inThirty we cover all the ways to get your files into the cloud without  putting your USB drive into a catapult. Google finally released its cloud storage service, Drive, and we take it for a spin and compare it to it’s older, wiser competitors.
Find out how Chaim, Harry, and Justin get their bits into the sky and listen to us conjecture about the future of file sharing.

Show Notes
Google Drive
Google Drive vs. Dropbox...” | The Verge
Harry’s Dropbox Referral Link
Google Drive Terms vs. Dropbox Terms” |
Justin’s Free Cloud Storage | Google+

Google I/O, I Don’t Know

Chaim is going to all the way to Google I/O in California to find out what dessert Google will match up with their tenth, J, release of Android. He’s hoping to come home with a complimentary jar of jellybeans and a lot of Android hardware. We cover the input about Google’s rumored Drive service and the output on its decision to plaster Play all over its UI to promote the new entertainment service.

Show Notes
Google I/O 2012 tickets sell out in record time (update)” | The Verge
Google Play
Google I/O 2012
Is Google Drive Coming Soon?” | PCWorld
The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs” | Harvard Business Review

Woz Two

Once you Woz, you can’t stop. This is the second part of our epic Wozerview and also our 30th inThirty. Woz walks us through the tech he uses on a daily basis and gives his take on Android’s user interface design and the best, and worst, Android devices. We ask Woz to weigh in on SOPA and also find out how he feels about patents and the impact they have on product development.

And finally, we find out why Apple’s stuck with the one button mouse as long as it has. Again, thank you Steve!

Check out Woz One here.

Woz One

The one, the only, the Woz.
Leap Day only comes around once every four years and we wanted to make this February 29 extra special: Stephen Gary Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc. and the nicest guy in Silicon Valley, joins inThirty for our 29th episode! Woz reflects on the engineering philosophy that backed Apple’s early products, tells us how he feels about the iPhone and iPad, and gives his take on what the future holds for consumer electronics. Woz also dishes on cloud computing, SOPA, jailbreaking, science education, music, and much more.
This is the first of two episodes with Woz (he deserves more than 30 minutes, right?), our 30th episode, Woz Two, is a little kitschier than the first and will be posted soon.
By the way, Woz handily beat Chaim, Harry, and Justin at Tetris…blindfolded.
Thanks Steve!
update Woz Two can be found here.

Taming Mountain Lion

Roar. No, really, roar! The king of the hill, Mountain Lion has arrived and we throw him some fresh meat. Harry suggests that the Apple halo glows a little bit brighter since the latest OS X feline brings more of iOS to the desktop. Justin, on the other hand, worries the halo might be on the path towards becoming a noose: people are getting locked in to Apple hardware through its exclusive ties to iCloud. And, this cat’s got Chaim by the tongue. He’d considering wearing the halo (or slipping on the noose) and switching away from Android to get that seamless Apple experience. Special guest Kelly Guimont helps us weigh in on iMessage, Gatekeeper, AirPlay, and the best way to skin a cat.