Security 36 – The Connected World

What happens when everything in your house has “wifi enabled” on it? Sure it is convenient to start your toaster while in bed, but is it safe? Turns out a lot of these companies have no business dealing with security, and you should be concerned. We talk about what to do, what to look out for, and how to keep yourself safe.

Security 12 – [Explicit] NSA Gets the iOS7 Treatment (Part 3 of Many)

We had a great show for you, but once again, news that couldn’t wait popped up. Once again we talk about what is going on with the NSA revelations. The big news is that iOS devices could potentially have malware that sends the data back to Utah. While only a physical attack, remote attacks ‘are coming soon.’

Next, your new laptop may have been intercepted by the NSA while in transit. Hardware modifications to send back data could have been installed.

Finally, we don’t know what is safe anymore. ¬†We do know that most devices have some sort of back door.

Show Notes:
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Laptop Hijacking | The Verge
NSA Back Doors | Der Spiegel