inThirty 151 – Right To Forget

While this topic has been covered, we have not covered it yet. We take our thirty minutes this week to talk about the EU law requiring search engines to remove search results in the “Right to Be Forgotten.”

inThirty 145 – Pre Google I/O 2014

Just like pre WWDC, we talk about what is going to happen at Google I/O. Also like our pre WWDC, we couldn’t contain the show to just half hour. Instead of taking notes, we just winged it. You got thirty minutes of us trying to figure out what I/O is going to be this year. […]

Security 32 – Google’s Don’t Be Evil Moment

First Up Updates: Nothing… Big Fat nothing on truecrypt We then tackle Google’s business model of making money through advertisements. They created Gmail to harvest data, but it is impressive that they created a chrome extension (End to End) to encrypt messages between people. Tom explains why this is good, how it works, and will […]