A Conversation with Shifty Jelly Co-founder Philip Simpson

On episode 51 of inThirty we talk with Philip Simpson, co-founder and developer at Shifty Jelly, the makers of great apps such as Pocket Casts and Pocket Weather AU.

Philip shares his Amazon App Store horror story and goes on to tell us the differences between selling apps on the iOS App Store verus Google Play and also lets us know which store’s customers are nicer to deal with.

Want to know what it’s like to develop for both Android and iOS? How Xcode compares to Eclipse? Want to listen to an iOS developer with a killer British accent?

Download Pocket Casts, check out the featured podcast (which one could it be?), and press play.

Show Notes

Shifty Jelly | Website
@ShiftyJelly | Twitter
@GeekyGecko | Philip Simpson’s Twitter
Pocket Casts | Google Play
Pocket Casts | iOS App Store
Pocket Weather AU | iOS App Store
Amazon App Store: Rotten to the Core” | Shifty Jelly Blog

Google I/O, I Don’t Know

Chaim is going to all the way to Google I/O in California to find out what dessert Google will match up with their tenth, J, release of Android. He’s hoping to come home with a complimentary jar of jellybeans and a lot of Android hardware. We cover the input about Google’s rumored Drive service and the output on its decision to plaster Play all over its UI to promote the new entertainment service.

Show Notes
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