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We talk about two topics today. The first (most boring) is the G+ fight between Chris Messina and Mike Elgan about G+. Turns out, nobody cares. G+ is great, but no one will use it (except Chaim). Then we talk about the implication of removing the captcha and having some sort of internal test that Google has.

Show Notes:
Mike Elgan – G+ –
Chris Messina – Medium –

Google reCaptcha Р2-

G+, Hangouts, and Amazing Photos – inThirty 116

[EDIT: This is Episode 116]
We are joined by +LukeOlson to discuss yesterday’s Google+ announcement. +ChaimCohen is excited that photography is taking a front seat, and produces amazing results. We have questions regarding hangouts, but overall a very positive announcement.

Chaim messed up with the time, and we ran a minute or two over.