inThirty 165 – News of The Week

With all the little stories going on, we decided to go through them quickly.  Naturally analysis was also quick.  We talk about Fitbit and Google Fit, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and CurrentC.  We finish off with the Amazon fire stick

What’s a Bluetooth – inThirty 112

With all these accessories coming on the market, we need to find a way for them to talk to each other, or at least a central station.  We all agree that Bluetooth LE is the way to go, and try to come up with why adoption took so long.


What’s on Your Wrist?

Work it. Episode 36 is here and we cover wearable tech from digital pedometers that clip onto your belt, to headsets that plug into your ears, to those new Google glasses that perch on your face and make you look like a total…ly nice guy. We discuss whether form or function is more important when choosing your geek chic and find out how many steps Chaim takes in an average day.

Show Notes
FitbitNike+ FuelBandSony SmartWatchiPod NanoGoogle Glass: “One Day”SCOTTEVEST