Navigating the Amazon Book Store

On episode 49 of inThirty young adult ebook author MB Mulhall takes us through her experience using Kindle Direct to publish her first book Near Death. Mary Beth explains the business to budding novelist Harry and we compare the store that Bezos built to other ebook marketplaces. Thankfully, Mary Beth convinces Chaim not to publish a novel based on

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Kindle Direct Publishing
Novel Publicity
Create Space
Near Death by MB Mulhall | Amazon Kindle Store
Keystrokes and Wordcounts | Mary Beth’s Blog
MaryBeth on Twitter

Too Long, Read on Kindle

On inThirty number 35 we delve into online publishing and discuss the best methods for consuming written content on our digital devices. We ferret out whether it’s better to burrow under or climb over the paywalls that an increasing number of online publishers are erecting around their content and discuss the revenue sharing model Readability uses to keep writers and readers happy.


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What the Betamax Case Teaches Us About Readability” | Mike Industries
Interview with Readability CEO Richard Ziade” | Curious Rat

The New Kindles: Hot or Not?

Beating Apple to the punch with pre-holiday hardware announcements, Amazon revealed its new line of Kindles today. We discuss whether tablets need to have integrated digital content delivery for them to be valuable and close by asking which tablet is currently the best considering price and features…all before sundown.

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