inThirty 95 – Digital Rights Mess


It’s not all fun and games with the new Xbox One. DRM is still an issue, but will it break the next-gen gaming industry, or are we paranoid for no reason?

Seriously, tell us. Are we paranoid!?

Show Notes

Rumor: Publishers seeking used game DRM on Xbox One and PS4” | Polygon

Willis or No Willis: Passing on Your Downloads When You Pass” | ABC News

Press Start: PS4 targeted by anti-DRM campaign, new Xbox One details, and more” | The Guardian

Former EA CEO: PS4, Xbox One Always-On DRM Will Not Succeed Long-Term” | Cinemablend

Capitol Wins Major Lawsuit Against ReDigi and Digital Resales” | musicjobs

Adobe: 5 Reasons We Killed The Creative Suite” | Fast Company

Piracy on the High ISPs

Aye mateys! You know where more piracy takes place than off the Horn of Africa? The internet, and do you know who’s to blame? Well, we don’t know either but on this episode we walk the plank and try to figure it out. Do you want to know what special guest Kelly Guimont‘s favorite movie trilogy is (hint: it’s not Twilight)? Does Harry actually live in a glass house on Piracy Lane? How much brie does Justin eat? Listen in and find out. Oh, and feel free to copy this episode as many times as you’d like. Arrrrr.

Show Notes
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My Final Word on Piracy” – Curious Rat