Thinner, Lighter, Faster (Apple iPad/Mac Pro Announcement) – inThirty 115

We are joined today by famed rumor prognosticator Drew Pitchford to discuss what happened today.  Is free software enough to tempt people onto Apple saying that you only have to buy the hardware? After we argue the merits of free software, we dive into the commitment to ship a new mac pro in 2013.  Chaim breaks down that he is happy that old hardware has been given a breath of fresh air.  Finally we discuss iPads.


Episode 68 – Something about Football

Happy Thanksgiving listeners! We hope you’ve recovered from your food comas in time to join us for episode 68 of inThirty – Justin jumped the gun and said it was number 69 at the top of the show and his confusion maintains itself throughout. We leave tech on the table and Chaim takes us through something called “football” with the help of regular contributor Drew Pitchford. Harry is absent, but missed, and we bet he’s thankful that he decided to take this episode off because passing around the pigskin is not his forte. Chaim and Drew try to explain the college football Bowl Championship System to Justin and all three soon realize that figuring out whether Apple really did infringe on Samsung’s wireless patents would be easier. Touchdown.

Episode 68 Hangout:

Drew Pitchford, War Eagle

Show Notes
Rutgers headed to Big Ten | ESPN
The road to the BCS has been a long one | ESPN
Obama’s BCS Options | The Washington Times

New iPhone Expectations

Apple prognosticator and inThirty contributor Drew Pitchford is laying his predictions on the line for the upcoming iPhone:new iPhone

The New iPhone
– Leaked pictures accurately depict the external design including the 8 pin connector. The connector will be orientation independent.
– Thinner with front and back flush with the antennae band. Guessing thinness at 7.6 mm.
– Unibody construction
– 16:9, 4 inch screen. Resolution: 1136 X 640
– 8 MP camera with f/2.2 aperture
– panorama mode for camera
– 16:9 HD video recording
– 16:9 photos
– 720p HD front camera
– Shrunken A5X chip built on the 32nm process that is being used in the revamped iPad 2.

– Better graphics than the 4S but not as good as in the new iPad.
Battery Life:
– 9 Hours Talk time
– 6 Hours LTE browsing
– 8 Hours 3G browsing
– 10 Hours wifi
– 40 Hours music
– 10 Hours video
– 250 Standby
Pricing and Storage:
– 8gb iPhone 4 free
– 8gb iPhone 4S $99
– 16gb new iPhone $199
– 32gb new iPhone $299
– 64gb new iPhone $399
All offered with 2 year contracts on Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T
The September 12 event will be limited to iPhone and iOS 6 only. No updates to iPads or iPods.

Drew’s early predictions for iOS 6 can be found here.

MoLo, YOLO; Mountain Lion Review

Lucky for us Apple decided to release the dot eight version of OS X to celebrate inThirty’s second year and 52nd episode. Justin likes to live on the edge so he’s been playing with the betas, but Chaim, Harry, and special guest Apple aficionado Drew Pitchford (the guy who correctly predicted Mountain Lion’s release date before any of the rumor sites) finally get the gold version on their machines.

We hunt down the most significant changes in Mountain Lion, give our first impressions of the GUI, compare it to its predecessor Lion, discuss the impact of iOS on Apple’s latest feline-themed desktop release, and all gasp as Harry gives Android credit for a specific feature of Apple’s latest and greatest. We do all that in thirty minutes, woah.

Our respect to Drake for this episode’s title and to Snoop for showing his support of 10.7 by donning the Lion moniker.

Don’t forget to celebrate with us and enter our 1 year anniversary giveaway for a chance to win a copy of the awesome Pocket Casts podcatcher app.

You can also checkout our initial coverage of 10.8, Episode 28: Taming Mountain Lion.

Show Notes
John Siracusa’s Mountain Lion Review | Ars Technica
Found | Mac App Store
Checkmark | iOS App Store
nVAlt (Notational Velocity fork) |

iOS 6 Expectations

Yes, aside from the occasional poem about Chaim, we primarily talk things out on inThirty. But, leading up to WWDC, inThirty guest, levelheaded but voracious consumer of Apple rumors, friend of Tim Cook’s (sort of), and all-around nice guy Drew Pitchford was good enough to layout his prediction for iOS 6 using the written word. Knowing Drew, he probably typed the list in Pages on his new iPad:

10 tent-pole features (in no particular order)
1) Revamped maps app with content provided by Apple servers
2) Expanded Apple widgets in Notification Center
3) Facebook integration
4) Expanded iCloud integration: the music app syncing between iOS devices, video stream, etc.
5) Better inter-app communication
6) Camera app improvements: timer, rapid shots, etc.
7) Mail app improvements: maybe a “delete all” option finally?
8) Safari improvements: file upload in Safari, omni-bar
9) Retouched UI colors to match the Lion’s
10) 3rd party access to Siri and expansion of its functionality

Thanks Drew!

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