JewGlass with Barry Schwartz of RustyBrick – inThirty 106


On today’s episode we talk to the developer behind JewGlass, a glassware app that helps observant Jews find Kosher food, and assists with daily prayers. We discuss the rationale of why glass was chosen as a platform, the decision behind the name, and the response from the target audience, the Jewish community.

[Audio Note: ┬áChaim’s volume is low, *I* know that]

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Barry Schwartz – Blog, Twitter, Facebook, G+
JewGlass an International Hit?
JewGlass on Drudge Report


inThirty 89 – This One Time at Coding Camp With Jean MacDonald

source: App Camp For Girls
source: App Camp For Girls

We’re joined this week by App Camp for Girls founder Jean MacDonald to discuss women in tech, the problem with some conferences, and what it’s like to run a programming camp for teenage girls.

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App Camp for Girls

Smile Software


inThirty 88 – Marking Up Markdown with Brett Terpstra

Thanks to: Brett Terpstra

This week, we sit down with uber-geek Brett Terpstra to discuss Markdown, developing for the Mac App Store, the future of development on the Mac and iOS, and how much one person is able to accomplish by sacrificing sleep.






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Brett on
Brett on Twitter
Marked App
Brett’s Projects
Flee to MD Ruby script | GitHub