Security 26 – Privacy (In Schools)

In what turned out to be a really dry topic, we did our best to discuss what should be done about privacy. Chaim found an article about school privacy, and we discussed the best way schools or corporations should focus on implementing new technologies. In short, things need to be really vetted. You can’t sign up for something, or worse let your children sign up for something until you know for sure they have the best interest of the consumer in mind.

Show Notes:
HPPSA | How Should We Balance Technology and Student Privacy

Wherever You May Roam – inThirty 113

We go live this week with still hot of the press news of T-Mobile’s UNCarrier 3.0 Announcement.  We hear that roaming data will be included at no additional charge.We also hear that T-Mobile has stepped up their national game, and now includes 200 million people on 4G.  Peter Teoh joins us, as our senior travel expert to determine if this is a selling point.