Security 07 – What’s A Yubico?

After we helped you create strong passwords, the next thing you will want is a second factor of authentication. I know we didn’t cover it, but we want to introduce you to the Yubikey. Yubikey is this little USB key looking device that is amazingly well built, and has one feature. It puts a random string of characters to authenticate you against various devices.

We are joined by John Salter, COO of Yubico, to discuss all the great things Yubico and the Yubikey are doing. Please listen, comment, and let us know what you think.

They have been gracious enough to give us a coupon code for you to use on their holiday pack. The holiday pack includes a Standard Black Yubikey, Neo, and Nano for $99. With our code, you get $15 off to use until Tuesday, December 3rd.  Direct Link

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Show Notes:
Yubico | | @yubico | Facebook | Google Plus
Yubico Store |
Cypto and Use Cases |
Holiday Pack | Store

Episode 69 – Black Friday Blackout

Ready. Set. Shop. On episode 69 of inThirty we take you through Black Friday ChaimHarryJustin style and let you know what we purchased, or didn’t, after giving thanks. We talk about Small Business Saturday, Purple Monkey Dishwasher Sunday, and, of course Cyber Monday and consider whether the retailer or the retailee does better at the beginning of the holiday shopping season. We get classy and discuss the economic, philosophical, political, and technical implications of the “shop till you drop” mentality and decide we’re probably better off sticking to Samsung-versus-Apple type stuff.

Episode 69 Hangout:

Show Notes
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Small Business Saturday | AMEX
Black Friday ‘Doorbusters’ Don’t Always Hold Up” | Wall Street Journal
Why I Left Best Buy After Waiting In Line For Two Hours...” | The Consumerist