inThirty 74 – CES 2013


The industry trade show we love to hate is back, as are the giant televisions and bizarre fitness gadgets we’ve come to expect. Your trusty co-hosts take a look at some of the more interesting products at this year’s CES and whether any of them will ever see the light of day.

We’re guessing no.

Show Notes
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We’ll Show You Consumer Electronics

Lean back, lean back, and find your remote: on this second 2012 episode of inThirty we talk television. With the Consumer Electronics Show in full swing and its 35 footballs fields of floorspace teaming with gadgets, we want to know if any of them can score a touch down in the living room. We discuss whether innovation in the TV hardware front, pixels and bezels and remotes, is what’ll win the living room, or whether content is king and cable providers days are numbered. What does it take to make a 10 foot interface work, will Apple TV revolutionize the market, what’s Chaim’s favorite guilty pleasure (hint, it’s on the Disney channel), listen to find out.

Show Notes
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