Googles Buys Nest – inThirty 125

We are joined by a special guest and a more special guest in the Curious Rat, Harry Marks, and the very understated, Michael Degusta. Justin and Chaim searched far and wide for the best hosts to argue if Google buying Nest was a good or bad thing. After painfully listening to all thirty minutes, I still don’t know. What I do know is Harry is mad at Nest, and Chaim is happy for Google.

Show Notes:

Google Buys Nest for 3.2 Billion Dollars | Wired


inThirty 94 – NFC


The day has finally come when we let Chaim bring in the expert to convince everyone why NFC is the bee’s knees. We’re joined by Srini Panguluri, co-founder of Tagstand, to discuss NFC, how it benefits users, and why it should be in every device.

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