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Security – 30 – Fido Alliance With Yubico

First off, why I said this was episode 42 is beyond me. Today we are joined by John Salter of Yubico and Board Member of the FIDO Alliance to tell us what is going on with passwords, two factor authentication, and the future of authentication. Turns out passwords will be replaced with PIN codes, and 2FA will be replaced by U2F (universal two factor).

John does a live demo (that you should watch on youtube) that shows us how this works.

Finally we talk about the need for the FIDO Alliance, and why this is a huge step forward for the web.

Show Notes:
Fido Alliance

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Security 24 – What’s Up LastPass

We brought Amber from LastPass back on to check in with them to see what has happened since last time we spoke with them. Well, they added a huge update to Android. Now with your premium service, you can have LastPass fill in your credentials into non browser, mobile apps.

Show Notes:
LastPass Blog | Android Update

LastPass Blog | Thoughts on NSA

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Security 07 – What’s A Yubico?

After we helped you create strong passwords, the next thing you will want is a second factor of authentication. I know we didn’t cover it, but we want to introduce you to the Yubikey. Yubikey is this little USB key looking device that is amazingly well built, and has one feature. It puts a random string of characters to authenticate you against various devices.

We are joined by John Salter, COO of Yubico, to discuss all the great things Yubico and the Yubikey are doing. Please listen, comment, and let us know what you think.

They have been gracious enough to give us a coupon code for you to use on their holiday pack. The holiday pack includes a Standard Black Yubikey, Neo, and Nano for $99. With our code, you get $15 off to use until Tuesday, December 3rd.  Direct Link

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This is good until Tuesday, December 3rd.

Show Notes:
Yubico | | @yubico | Facebook | Google Plus
Yubico Store |
Cypto and Use Cases |
Holiday Pack | Store

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inThirty 81 – Social Sharing

SocialSharingIconsOn this episode the guys talk about how they like to social network.  Turns out the guys all truly hate the state of social networking to the point that they sound like the elders on the internet telling ‘them ‘youngins to get off their damn lawns.

Part 1: We talk about Falcon Pro’s Twitter API limiting.  We all agree that we care because users bring social interaction to Twitter.

Part 2: Next Chaim details the new Google+ oAuth offering.  Spoiler alert:  Chaim loves it, Harry says he rather iCloud (whatever that means).

Part 3: We go back into discussing what should be the new social network.  We talk about’s freemium model.

[Editor’s note: We should be back to normal in terms of posting.  New episodes should be out on Friday].


Show Notes
Harry on ADN
Curious Rat on ADN
Chaim on ADN
Justin on ADN
The Understatement
Twitter Doesn’t Want You” |
Falcon Pro Update Resets Twitter ID Tokens, Hopes to Free Up A Few More Spots” | Droid-Life
Introducing Google+ Sign-In: simple and secure, minus the social spam” | Google Developers Blog