Rock the Vote 2012

Maybe this should have been episode 666 of inThirty instead of 66 because we don’t know what the devil happened. We start off talking about battery life and its importance (yes, we determine it is important) in the wake of the power outages caused by Hurricane Sandy and veer off into Scott Forstall’s crazy eyes, skeuomorphic (woah, I spelled that right the first time!) design, and whether the Lightning Port is responsible for the iPhone 5’s quick charging. Harry and Justin then proceed to get into a knock down drag out argument about the quality of Siri and Apple Maps while Chaim checks for the nearest open gas station on his Nexus 7. We do not, at anytime during the 30 minutes of this episode, rock the vote.

Episode 66 Hangout:

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I have an iPhone 5, where am I?

On episode 60 of inThirty we investigate the disappearance of hundreds of iPhone 5 users – apparently the new Apple Maps app is to blame for sending them off course. With the help of special guest Stephen Hackett of, we dig into the new Maps in iOS 6 and figure out that while its Flyover feature can make you feel like Super Man, it leaves a lot of users longing for Google’s more down to earth Street View. Chaim and Harry take turns giving their take on turn by turn directions and Chaim reveals that he’s always on time since he uses Google Now on his Galaxy Nexus, and Harry says who needs transit directions in Maps on iOS 6, he’s memorized the rail schedules anyway. Our thanks to Stephen for lending some southern comfort to the debate.

Episode 60 Hangout:

Stephen Hackett of 

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