inThirty 88 – Marking Up Markdown with Brett Terpstra

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This week, we sit down with uber-geek Brett Terpstra to discuss Markdown, developing for the Mac App Store, the future of development on the Mac and iOS, and how much one person is able to accomplish by sacrificing sleep.






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Marked App
Brett’s Projects
Flee to MD Ruby script | GitHub

inThirty 77 – BackBerry


BlackBerry must have heard that we were doing a show today, and decided that they wanted the guys from inThirty to talk about it.  Listen in as we give the best non biased review we can of the armchair quarterbacking you love from Chaim, Harry, and Justin. We discuss if this is a reinvention, or too little too late.  How does the hardware compare to the current crop of smartphones?  Does the keyboard, both virtual and hardware, keep in line with the keyboards RIM err… BlackBerry is known for.  Finally we takle the OS.  Is QNX really worth it? 

Show Notes

RIM reinvents itself with new name, new BlackBerry 10 OS, new smartphones (video)” | TechHive

BlackBerry Z10 review: a new life, or life support?” | The Verge

BlackBerry 10 Global Launch Event Keynote Wrap-Up” | BlackBerry Blog

What’s App?

App StoreWell folks, episode 54 of your favorite tech podcast, inThirty, is really something special. We interview Jony Ive about his inspiration for the upcoming, yet to be announced fifth generation iPhone…wait, sorry, I was dreaming. We do the next best thing and take our loyal listeners through our favorite apps on the desktop and in our pockets, apps for work and apps for play – is now a good time to apologize for the introduction to this episode: sorry! Check the show notes for links to the apps we mention.

Show Notes
Tweetbot | iOS
Google Voice | Android
Google Chrome | iOS | Android
gReader | Android
NetNewsWire | iOS
Reeder | iPhone | iPad
HBO Go | iOS
Netflix | iOS/Apple TV
Pocket Casts | iOS | Android
Instapaper | iOS
Instagram | iOS | Android
iPhoto | iOS
Google+ | iOS
Scrivener | OS X | Windows
UPAD | Android
TextWrangler | OS X
Jetpack Joyride | iOS
7 Little Words | iOS
SpellTower | iOS

MoLo, YOLO; Mountain Lion Review

Lucky for us Apple decided to release the dot eight version of OS X to celebrate inThirty’s second year and 52nd episode. Justin likes to live on the edge so he’s been playing with the betas, but Chaim, Harry, and special guest Apple aficionado Drew Pitchford (the guy who correctly predicted Mountain Lion’s release date before any of the rumor sites) finally get the gold version on their machines.

We hunt down the most significant changes in Mountain Lion, give our first impressions of the GUI, compare it to its predecessor Lion, discuss the impact of iOS on Apple’s latest feline-themed desktop release, and all gasp as Harry gives Android credit for a specific feature of Apple’s latest and greatest. We do all that in thirty minutes, woah.

Our respect to Drake for this episode’s title and to Snoop for showing his support of 10.7 by donning the Lion moniker.

Don’t forget to celebrate with us and enter our 1 year anniversary giveaway for a chance to win a copy of the awesome Pocket Casts podcatcher app.

You can also checkout our initial coverage of 10.8, Episode 28: Taming Mountain Lion.

Show Notes
John Siracusa’s Mountain Lion Review | Ars Technica
Found | Mac App Store
Checkmark | iOS App Store
nVAlt (Notational Velocity fork) |