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Under the Surface: Microsoft Tablet Announcement

So someone at Microsoft HQ finally read Walter Isaacson’s biography on Steve Jobs and the Surface was born! On episode 46 of inThirty we take you through the keynote that marks Microsoft’s entrance into the pantheon of PC manufacturers and the device that’ll do it. We compare, only as appropriate, Microsoft’s methodology to Apple’s: Chaim comes out with high hopes for the platform, Justin is ambivalent but thinks the touch keyboard cover thing is cool, and the Surface definitely gets under Harry’s skin.

Show Notes
Live from Microsoft’s ‘major announcement’ event | The Verge
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WWDC 2012: Coverage

On episode 45 of inThirty we give you in 30 minutes (in 15 minutes if you listen on double time) what it took Apple’s top brass 2 hours to present at Moscone West for 2012’s WWDC. Listen to us lust over the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display, pick apart MoLo (that’s Mountain Lion for those not in the know), and decide whether iOS 6 can eat Android’s dessert.


iOS 6 Expectations

Yes, aside from the occasional poem about Chaim, we primarily talk things out on inThirty. But, leading up to WWDC, inThirty guest, levelheaded but voracious consumer of Apple rumors, friend of Tim Cook’s (sort of), and all-around nice guy Drew Pitchford was good enough to layout his prediction for iOS 6 using the written word. Knowing Drew, he probably typed the list in Pages on his new iPad:

10 tent-pole features (in no particular order)
1) Revamped maps app with content provided by Apple servers
2) Expanded Apple widgets in Notification Center
3) Facebook integration
4) Expanded iCloud integration: the music app syncing between iOS devices, video stream, etc.
5) Better inter-app communication
6) Camera app improvements: timer, rapid shots, etc.
7) Mail app improvements: maybe a “delete all” option finally?
8) Safari improvements: file upload in Safari, omni-bar
9) Retouched UI colors to match the Lion’s
10) 3rd party access to Siri and expansion of its functionality

Thanks Drew!

Checkout our show on product predictions for WWDC 2012 here.

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WWDC 2012: Predictions

Chaim, Harry, and Justin turn to reading tea leaves for episode 44 of inThirty: WWDC 2012 is fast approaching and we lay down our predictions for product announcements at the conference. Fresh on the heels of Tim Cook’s All Things D appearance we try to figure out what’s in the pipeline and whether there’s going to be “one more thing.” We’ll followup with a scorecard episode, but until then, listeners place your bets.

And for those of you who were about to take out your abacus, we’ve temporarily skipped episode 43. It’s going to be cobbled together in Garage Band soon enough but you can get your fill on YouTube if you can’t wait for it to show up in your RSS feed.

Show Notes
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Apple Hardware Buyers Guide | MacRumors

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Rumor, Rumor, on the Web

Look into your crystal ball, do you see 3 guys talking to each other about tech rumors via Skype? On episode 43 of inThirty Chaim, Harry, and Justin talk about what’s coming for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android and discuss which rumors sites dish the industry dirt the best and which should be swept under the rug.

Episode 43 Hangout: