Security 205 – Wifi Spyliance

This week:

We talk wifi WPA3 vulnerabilities:

Finally a settlement from the Pixel 6p:

Google Security Key is your phone:

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Security 204 – Too Much Facebook

Podtrac Survey:

Facebook internally stored passwords in plaintext:


If your a system admin, how would you stop the New Zealand shooting video.

Netflix changing show order based on something:

Scam Alerts through Social Security:

Security 203 – Multi factor Problems

First, update chrome‚Ķ We explain why. This link doesn’t:

Then Facebook says we care about security (Again):

We finish about Multi Factor Authentication, and how terrible it is to explain to the average user.

Tom’s Talk:
Crypto and Privacy Village Talk:

Comcast PIN is 000000:

Security 202 – Not So Hidden Microphone

There was a not so hidden microphone in Nest’s security base:

Should you lock people out of their account for insecure passwords?

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