Security 249 – Contact Tracing Redux

Yes, we talked about contact tracing in the past, but we got a request from the WhatsApp group to do it again.

Problems we discuss:

%age of people who would need to install this, and how reporting is honor based.

No one app for them all.

Each one is made separately. Testing woes.

Tom explains rotating BLE IDs.

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Security 247 – Defcon Safe Mode Edition

This being the week before defcon, we discuss what we expect at the virtual defcon:

Teens charged with the twitter hack:

Garmin paid the ransomware for their user’s data:

Defcon discord:

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Security 246 – Twitter Takeover

We try to describe what happened on twitter that lead to the account takeovers:

Cloudflare takes the internet down:

VPN may have logs:

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