Security – 260 – Forbes Signal Article

Forbes put out an article on how Signal has some weaknesses using the after first unlock theory.
TL;DR – Yes, but not limited to signal. Power off your phone if you are worried.

Bonus – 01 – Fitness+ Review

Chaim talks about Fitness+ with Casey Liss. How do two non entirely in shape tech nerds feel about Apple’s new offering. TL;DR we like it.

Special thanks to Casey Liss |

Casey’s initial Fitness+ Review |

I know this is a security podcast, but every once in a while, I like to beta test new ideas. I appreciate you listening, and giving feedback.

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Security – 259 – More WhatsApp Fallout

There was more news from the WhatsApp privacy fallout that we decided to have another show.

As you know, we have moved to signal. If you want an invite, tweet the show, or find one of us.

TL;DR, if you are using whatsapp to send cat photos to your family, you are ok. If you are using whatsapp business, they are making changes.