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Security 242- Ubiquiti’s Dream Machine

I decided to relearn everything about networking, and got myself a Ubiquiti Dream Machine. I share my experiences.

I really do like it. There are a ton of features, I didn’t know I needed. However, there are some quirks, like non standard feature naming practices.


Security 241 – Bitwarden

Bitwarden is a “new to us” password manager. We discuss it, and recommend the software. We still recommend LastPass as well, however, if you want a better free option, and cheaper premium options, Bitwarden is worth a look.

Chaim dives into the tech support implementation for friends and family. The design makes it easy to navigate. It was easy to switch, and I feel comfortable troubleshooting it from afar.

Tom went into the deep end with the self hosting aspect. He has some issues on how self hosting should not command a premium subscription, but overall he gives it a thumbs up.


Security 240 – Office 365

As a teacher who had to move to distance learning, I can’t tell you how awesome office 365 is. While I thought Google was doing it right, Microsoft secretly has hit it out of the park. This is not an ad for office 365, but we do talk about how awesome it has become.


Security 239 – Zoom Failures

Zoom not end to end encrypted:

Zoom Mac Malware (Should be fixed):

Zoom incremental room numbers:

Zoom 0day:

Zoom bad Overall:


Security 238 – Virtual Meetings

We discuss virtual meetings in the age of people now having to learn how to do this.