iCloudy with a Chance of Google

The cornerstone of Apple’s push towards iOS 5 is iCloud and we decided it deserves a 30 minute block of it’s own. Are sync services central to digital devices going forward? How does Apple’s method compare to Google’s? We also discuss what really happens when all of those 8 megapixel pictures from new iPhone 4Ss […]

Eyes on iOS 5

It’s been nearly a week so each of us has had a chance to use each and every one of the 200+ new features, and with the help of the inimitable Kelly Guimont of TUAW and Angry Mac Bastards fame, we get to make sense of them. ┬áSiri also gives hosting a try, but she’s […]

Point of Sale

I want nothing besides my keyboard, monitor, and a billion bits between me and buying a gadget, but sometimes, I admit, it’s best to burn some gas to get the next best thing. On this episode of inThirty we discuss brick and mortar retailers and the impact salespeople have on the buying experience, especially when […]

We Talk iPhone

Apple Keynotes, these are what inThirty podcasts are made for. We talk iPhone, and only iPhone, (please ignore the intro) for 30 minutes and decide whether the keynote was a blockbuster or a bust. Show Links: Apple iPhone 4S – Apple Website Apple Fall 2011 Event Keynote – Apple Website http://media.blubrry.com/inthirty/p/dts.podtrac.com/redirect.mp3/inthirty.net/podcasts/inThirty.net-2011-10-04-We-Talk-iPhone.mp3

The New Kindles: Hot or Not?

Beating Apple to the punch with pre-holiday hardware announcements, Amazon revealed its new line of Kindles today. We discuss whether tablets need to have integrated digital content delivery for them to be valuable and close by asking which tablet is currently the best considering price and features…all before sundown. Show Links: Kindle Fire | Amazon […]