Security 201 – Enterprise Certificates

Google and Facebook get slapped on the wrist by apple. People throwing away their expensive wifi lightbulbs : and more U2F talk

Security 200 – 2 Factor Library Cards

Should I buy a u2f device? Google Phishing Quiz: Google Chrome vs Adlbockers: How to make the library cards more convenient

Security – 199 – 10 Years Later

Some Facebook meme wants us to post photos 10 years apart. Verizon is making Remind pay more money: WhatsApp not deregistering phone numbers

Security 198 – New Year’s Resolutions 2019

We discuss different ways to start the new year off right. Also, what to do with those holiday IoT devices And… Whatever this is:

Security 197 – Breaches and Bad Advice

We have a bunch of new data breaches from Quora, Dunkin Donuts, Marriott, but no one says sorry. Bruce Schneier’s Bad Consumer Advice: